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Vivegam Godfrey Day Care Center Children  and Old Age Persons Program
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Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Celebration 2014

This year's Easter was very special for our VGF children, because the three volunteer girls from Germany prepared some special Easter activities, according to the Easter custom in their homes.

After church on Easter Sunday, the children came to the Day Care Centre and together with their three 'big sisters', who had worked almost all night on preparing the Easter baskets for each child, they painted their Easter egg. We had beautiful results! Even thought painting eggs was new for the children, they were so creative and put a lot of effort in their work, so that each result was like a little piece of art in itself. During the time the colour needed to dry, we played small games like Fruit Salad, Poor Black Cat and our very own version of My Right, Right Seat Is Free. They children were all very excited but that way we kept them busy, even during the baskets were hidden all over the campus. We chose some very tough places and some easier levels. When the start signal was given, the children literally jumped out of the hall and rushed to search for their basket.
We were surprised that in a short time even our best hiding places were discovered.
The children were so happy and all of this was so new for them. They even got some German sweets and special food.

Here are some more pictures of the celebration!
God bless you.

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