Vivegam Godfrey Day Care Center Children and Old Age Persons Program

Vivegam Godfrey Day Care Center Children  and Old Age Persons Program
Day Care Center

Friday, February 22, 2013

Activity report for the month of Jan´2013


After the half yearly holidays, the Vivegam Godfrey Day care center was reopened on the 3rd day of January 2013. As usual the children started  coming   07.00A.M. onwards and be with the center till 08.30A.M.on all school days. They spend the one and half hours in singing, Bible Stories, prayer and doing their home works. After the Breakfast they move to their Schools. Evening, senior children come to the center for Tuition classes and playing. 

On every Sundays the students are in the center from 11.00.A.M. to 02.00.P.M. Lunch is provided on Sundays. Study time, games, Hygienic Classes and spiritual nurture activities are the main focus on all Sundays. The children spend more times on learning Bible truth through songs, skits and memorizing Bible verses. Bible study is conducted on all Sundays evening for Senior Children

Sundays Time of sharing by our project children

New Horizons appears and manifest the will of the Almighty God to be done on this terrestrial sphere by the visit of the Founder Chairman Mr.Edwin Prabu Kumar from Leipzig, Germany to Vivegam Godfrey, Danishpet from 3rd January to 1st of February 2013.
The arrival of Mr.Edwin Prabu Kumar added extra beauty to VivegamGodfrey. The plant of new plants, ground leveling work, construction of Stone wall in the right corner of the land, fencing the Rabbit farm,

water purification work and the new sintex tank stimulate the feeling of the Staff and the Children to breathe fresh and breezing air. 

Vivegamgodfrey Trust  Farms
                                                                                            VGF Rabbit Farm

Rabbit Shed construction final phase was completed on 6th of Jan´2013 and VivegamGodfrey purchased fifty rabbits from Ashiyana Rabbit Farm, Tirur, Kerala.

The growth and multiplication of rabbits seems to be a greater support to the project.
The Staff Mr.Anbu Rose went to Tirur on 30th Jan´13 night to have a discourse with Dr. Migdad, Managing Director of Ashiyana Rabbit farm on 31st Jan´13. 

The plastering, flooring, fixing of windows and doors electrical work have been completed in the last room of the first floor on 7th of Jan´13.

 One container lorry load of household things and a piano are arrived from Leipzig, Germany through waterway on 11th of Jan´13 and the things are stock up in the last room of the first floor.

The Tuition Teacher Miss.Kiruba Merlyn was relieved from her duties on 13th of Jan´13 due to her marriage. As a token of VGF love and appreciation for Miss.Kiruba Merlyn´s service in VGF  Founder, the Staff and all the Children in 6th standard and above gave a small farewell function to Miss.Kiruba Merlyn on Sunday the 20th afternoon from 02.30.P.M. to 03.30.P.M.
21 Children and the Staff Mr. G.Edward & Mr. Anbu Rose attended the Wedding ceremony of Miss.Kiruba Merlyn on 23rd Jan´13 in a nearby town.

In the place of Miss. Merlyn, Mrs. Christy Anbu Rose is appointed and she joined duty from the forenoon of 18th Jan´13.
Mr.Duraisamy an elderly person has joined the project as night watchman from 25th of Jan´13.

VGF Old Age Home 

The missions of Vivegam Godfrey enlarge and it slowly reaches the other part of Tamil Nadu.  The Founder Mr. Edwin Prabu Kumar has made an agreement on 21st of Jan´13 with the owner of three and half acres land at Mukkanoor in Dharmapuri – District to purchase the land and establish Vivegam Godfrey in that area also. This is the first milestone in the history of VivegamGodfrey to move into the other parts of Tamil Nadu to touch  buds to blossom and the neglected dying seed to get a new life. 

VGF Old Age Home

On 25th of Jan´13 the Founder with seven persons visited the land and prayerfully fixing gate in the compound.

The Founder Mr.Edwin Prabu Kumar interviewed a Couple from Erode on 27th of Jan´13 to work in Mukkanoor

Motor bike 

One two wheeler motor bike Bajaj  Discover 100 (5G) black/red is purchased from Balu Motors , Theevattipatty for VGF projects use on EMI basis for 21 months @Rs.2344/-from Feb´13 by paying the initial amount Rs.15,100/- on 14th of Jan´13

The Methodist Tamil Church, Kumaran Nagar, Padi, Chennai gave a short visit to VGF on 16th of Jan´13 evening and they donated Rs.700/- to the project of Day Care Centre to Children.

Two family members from Bangalore and Vellore visited VGF on 19th Jan´13 for family relationship counseling with Mr. Edwin Prabu Kumar. The family members Mr. Andrews Wesley Founder & Director of Jesus Youth Ministries and Miss. Jonah from Vellore shared the love of Christ through singing & story telling on 19th evening.

After the program Mr. Edwin Prabu Kumar screened a Children Film and all the Children enjoyed the day program very much. The Bangalore family members stayed the night in VGF and they left from the Center on Sunday the 20th Jan´13 around 04.30.P.M. They donated Rs.5000/- for the project expenses.The Sunday program on 20th of Jan´13 for Children was very enjoyable and fruitful because of Miss. Jonah´s participation in the Sunday school.

The VGF Committee meeting was held at YWCA, Chennai on 26th of January 2013. The Founder Mr.Edwin Prabu Kumar chaired the meeting and it started by lunch and closed around 04.30.P.M.

Eleven senior Girls and thirteen senior boys received T-Shirts, sweaters and trousers, each one from Mr.Edwin Prabu kumar on 5th of Jan´13. He also supplied on the same day one Desktop Office Calculator, big display - 8 digit - dual power Model D-CA200 , a box file and a Torch light for Office use.  

The enthusiasm and the commitment of the Staff under the auspicious leadership of the Founder Mr.Edwin Prabu Kumar to develop the place and the people will surely transform the Community in all the areas of its lives.