Vivegam Godfrey Day Care Center Children and Old Age Persons Program

Vivegam Godfrey Day Care Center Children  and Old Age Persons Program
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Visit at the primary school in Danishpet

School Visit

Yesterday, on the 19th of March, we three Volunteers (Hanna, Alicia and Judith) went together with the children of the DayCareCenter to the primary school in Danishpet. There we visited all the different classes, from the first to the fifth standard. Before the lessons started, all the children gathered in the school playground for a mutual prayer. In the beginning we stayed with the smallest children, the first class. Most of the time they sing songs, learn rhymes and get to know the numbers from one to hundred. In contrast to Germamy the pupils don´t have any chairs or tables for the school lessons, they only have some mats on the ground where they can sit. Then we also attended the second, third, forth and fifth classes. Besides the english lessons the children also learn some subjects in Tamil language. We really enjoyed the day and the time with the pupils.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Every Saturday there´s a Morning-Program for the children which starts at 10:30 am. We sing some songs together and the children recite bible verses which they have learned by heart. After that there are a lot of games like Monday-Painter, Music chair, running games and so on. We have a lot of fun and even the senior boys love to join these activities.
At 1:00 pm all the children get a warm lunch. Some of the kids go home after the lunch but there´s an open end so everybody who wants can stay for playing some games or volleyball-maches in the afternoon.